7 Secrets for Effective Employee Time Tracking


Online time tracking is turning into a lot of necessary for businesses that need to figure as expeditiously as potential. As System ID points out, over thirty % of the work force works a minimum remotely of at some point per week, and time tracking is important for those workers World Health Organization do not physically record.

  1. Keep everybody on constant platform

If you would like your organization to operate as a well-oiled machine, you wish to induce everybody victimization constant platform and victimization it systematically. If you’ve got multiple individuals victimization multiple chase ways, everything can get confused and chaotic. You must even have access to associate degree body user level, wherever you’ll be able to read everyone’s time to track info.

  1. Select a platform that may be used anyplace, easily

Not all time is tracking platforms area unit equally effective for various applications, thus do your analysis and select with wisdom. You’ll be wanting to settle on a platform that is straightforward to find out and use–nothing that needs intensive coaching sessions–and one that may be used on any device, together with mobile devices. Preferably, workers ought to be able to begin and stop their time tracking in an exceedingly matter of seconds, in spite of what they are doing before they start. The quicker and a lot of intuitive the method, the fewer mistakes there’ll be.

  1. Proactively define your policies and procedures

Take the time to stipulate precisely, however, it slow chase package ought to be used, and what your expectations for your worker’s area unit. What forms of tasks got to be tracked? Area unit there sure info necessities that require being followed, like ways in which to title or organize tasks? Assume ahead and be proactive here, and therefore a lot of specific you’re the higher.

  1. Watch for outliers

It will not be long before most of your workers settle into a sort of routine. Sure tasks can take a foreseeable quantity of your time, and {different|completely different} workers can supply different rates of completion. Keep an eye fixed out for strange outliers–tasks that take too long or did not take long enough. This may assist you to pinpoint issues or opportunities for growth.

  1. Do not micromanage

Once you implement a time to track answer, it is simple to veer into micromanagement, questioning each minute associate degree worker spends on any given task. Doing this could build your workers rancorous, less happy, and so less productive. you wish to supply some supervising, insight, and direction, however, do not flip it into a minute-by-minute update.

  1. Learn from points of inefficiency

Over time, you will collect enough knowledge on however your workers pay their time to find out from numerous points of unskillfulness. You will see what forms of tasks area unit possibly to slow your team down, and therefore the weak points of your workers. Use this knowledge to enhance your operations and iron out the problems preventing you from achieving most potency.

  1. Amendment what is not working

Insights while not action area unit useless, thus once chase time, a note of any methods that are not operating and build a vigorous amendment to them. Consider this as an associate degree current experiment; strive one thing new, see if it works, and solely keep it if the information supports it.


With these methods in situ, you will be able to time track your employees’ time a lot of accurately, a lot of systematically, and in an exceedingly electric sander, a lot of economic means. Ultimately, it’s reaching to keep your staff a lot of productive, prevent time and cash, and provides you larger insight into your company’s operations.


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