How To Start a Company

Learning how to start a company is not as difficult as you might think. In all my years of helping people market their business, I am always surprised at how many people think starting a company is difficult. This is the easy part. It is once you have started a company that things can become much more difficult. Read more at

This article will talk about the basics of how to start a company. To learn more about starting a new company in a more specialized field check our other articles throughout the website.

At the very beginning stages of starting a company, you will want to do a few things. Have a lawyer that you can trust and ask a few questions from time to time. Check with your town or city to find out the regulations of starting and running a company in your area. You will also want to check the regulations in your state or province for the type of company you want to start. This might be easier to ask your lawyer, but you can check with your town or city as well.How To Start a Company

Before you look too far into learning how to start a company you might want to ask yourself some questions. Why do you want to start a company? Are you a very hard worker? Are you willing to work all day in the business then every evening on the business? Are you good at dealing with people? These might be people you have hired or people that are your customers? If you are married is your spouse on board with you starting a company? Do you have the expertise to operate the company? If not do you have the finances to hire someone that can? Click here to read more info start a company.

By knowing the answers to these questions ahead of time you might save yourself a lot of time, frustrations and money if starting a company aren’t for you. If on the other hand you answered in a positive manner to these questions then you should be feeling pretty excited right about now!

The next things you need to know about how to start a company is if you want to incorporate or not. Some people like to some don’t. To know if you should you might want to look at what your goals are. If you plan on starting a part time company or a company you do not plan on growing than being a sole proprietor is ok. If you plan on growing and hiring staff then having some corporation or limited partnership might make a lot of sense. These are questions you will want to get clarification from your lawyer.

Another step in how to start a company is to know the types of insurances and bonding that a company in that industry will require. There are many different types of insurances that are required for some companies. Depending on the services or products you provide will dictate the amount and types of insurance you will need. If you are working with government contracts, you will have other hoops to jump through. I guess you know something about the industry you are in and will have a little knowledge on this. If not this is something else to talk with your lawyer about.

The next step in how to start a company is creating a business name, and getting your company registered in the town or city you are in. Then if required also getting registered with the state or province that you are in. Every industry is different and has different regulations, therefore, talking with your lawyer will quickly save you some time.

Once you have a business name and any business licenses and insurances you need, then you will want to get a phone number, or two, and go to your local print shop to get some business cards. You can have someone design a logo for you, or you can go with a simple business card for the moment. Later on, when the company is making money you can redesign your image. I am not a huge believer in creating a corporate image when first starting a company. I had a business partner once that insisted on a corporate image and without one, we would never succeed. Six months later I ended the partnership and went on my own. In those six months, a friend of mine in another city with no corporate image and business cards she printed from her computer was making a killing. If you are starting a company in an industry that will require a corporate image then go for it, but if you are just killing time to tell your spouse and friends you are busy working then get off your butt and make some money.

Another idea for starting a company is joining networking clubs. Not network marketing, but clubs where business people get together to exchange business cards, refer each other to other people and exchange ideas. If you are starting a company with very little or no money, then networking is the way to go. Some networking clubs to join are BNI,, the Chamber of Commerce, and the BBB. Yes, the BBB has a networking side that can create a lot of business for you. I have joined others, but those were smaller clubs located in the city I live in. Check online or ask people in the networking meetings I mentioned about other clubs in your town or city.

Of course, I cannot talk about how to start a company without getting into how to market a company. There are many methods that you can use to market and advertise your new business. Outside of the business cards and networking, you can also do some cold calling on the telephone or going door to door to businesses.

If your business services consumers instead of businesses, then you can market using flyers or postcards. I have had a ton of success with these. At first, I hand delivered postcards that I made door to door. This gave me enough money to live on and to start advertising. The advertising I did was online and offline classifieds, postcards through the mail, direct mail with mailing lists I bought, yellow pages advertising, a very successful website, coupon books similar to Valpak, display ads in local newspapers and local magazines, and even tried the radio once.

Once you know how to start a company and you know a little about marketing and networking your business you will want to learn about copywriting. Copywriting is when you use words to grab attention in your advertising and marketing. Then you use words to hold the attention of the reader through the body down to the action step. The action step can be to pick up the phone, email, mail, or drop by your business. In other words, the action step is just that, having someone take action in a positive way with you and your company.

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