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Have you decided the time is right to share your life with someone special? Between long days at the office and a myriad of demands on our time, it’s become increasingly challenging to meet other singles during the course of an average day. It is fundamental human nature to desire to share your life with someone. Hence, the explosion of online dating websites. In a connected world where everything from milk to massage appointments can be made online, it’s no wonder that meeting other like-minded singles is taking place at an ever increasing pace online.  Take a deep breath, follow your instincts and commit to presenting yourself as you truly are as you venture onto the online dating websites. Follow these recommendations from the professional match makers to ensure your online dating experience is not only successful, but also safe.

Are you in the right frame of mind to begin dating? Have you dealt with old baggage, made peace with yourself and developed a sense of independence and optimism?  No one will be attracted to someone for the long term that’s not at peace with themselves. Keep these points in mind as you begin dating.

Research the multitude of dating websites designed for nearly every age group, demographic and interest.  Develop a profile description that truly represents who you are, your interests, your values and your goals. The more honest information you disclose, the better your chances will be of meeting someone that is like minded. Answer all of the questions truthfully that accompany your profile content. Select three or four candid photographs, untouched, that have been taken in the last year to post with your profile.

As you begin to get inquiries, respond with courtesy. If there is a mutual interest, move from texting and emailing to a phone call. You will never get a true sense of chemistry until you meet someone face to face. When you do arrange to meet, the most important thing to wear is a quiet self-confidence and a genuine smile. Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the fun new styles available from Ann Taylor.  Keep a positive attitude and consider this date to be an opportunity to meet a potential new friend. Relax and have fun!


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